Window Cleaning Hacks

Window Cleaners
Getting and keeping your home’s windows clean is really difficult, expensive and time consuming.  In fact, we wouldn’t blame you if cleaning your windows is probably one of your least favorite chores. That being said, sparkling windows make your home look great. And they can be easily achieved if you follow these simple window cleaning hacks.

Don’t use newspaper.
While recycling your newspaper and using it to clean your windows is a great, green effort- it leaves your window pane and fingers inky. Some people have even been known to have allergic reactions to newspaper ink getting on thei hands.  Use an unused coffee filter instead, for a streak-free, ink free, environmentally friendly shine.

Make your own cleaner
You’ve probably figured out by now that just spritzing on a little windex onto your windows doesn’t really get the job done. Ever wonder how professional window detailers get those panes to sparkle like new? The formula has been closely guarded by professionals for many years, but finally the secret is out. It’s not complicated or expensive at all, and you can make the cleaner with things you already have lying around at home. 

All you need is water, vinegar, and dish soap. Two parts water to one part soap and one part vinegar will work just fine, although there are plenty of different measurements that will all yield similar results.

Once you’ve mixed everything up, decant the mixture into an empty spray bottle. Spray (but don’t drench) your windows with it before wiping it away with a squeegee. Then rinse your window with a little water to avoid any film build up from the dish soap. Be careful to avoid adding too much dish soap to your formula for this reason.


Add a little lemon juice.
Lemon juice is naturally acidic, so is great for removing any gunk or residue on your windows. Add some to the natural cleaner you mixed for extra shine boosting properties.

Use a chalkboard eraser
If you’re still struggling to get rid of the streaks on your windows, head to your local craft store and pick up a new blackboard eraser. Then simply wipe the streaks away. If you do’t feel like braving your local craft store, a soft static-free t-shirt or diaper will work just as well. The trick is to use something that will get rid of streaks but not leave behind an additional residue of lint or dust.

Take care of the details 
Remember that if you take care of the details, your windows will always look flawless. Don’t be ashamed to wipe away marks with a q-tip or buffer out a scratch with some non gel toothpaste.

Remember that these tips are only to be used for interior cleaning. Always leave any hard to reach windows that would require a ladder to the professionals. As nice  as it is to have clean windows, it is definitely not worth sacrificing your safety for.

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