Clear Window Restorations is committed to providing the best commercial and residential window services in Portland, Oregon.  We specialize in Window Restoration, Window Repair and Window Replacement.  We also replace doors and provide skylight replacement services.   We are dedicated to treating our customers right, by providing accurate quotes and completing our services in a timely manner.  If you need window replacement, repair or restoration service, please contact us or request a free quote online today!

Our expert window technicians are extremely knowledgeable and treat all of our customers with professionalism and courtesy.  Our goal is to provide the best window restoration, repair or replacement services possible.  We’ll do everything we can to ensure your experience with us is a great one!  We also offer Emergency Board Up and Window Replacement services for homes and businesses with broken windows.

Window Replacement

Windows have a tendency to lose their efficiency over time and can become foggy or unsightly as they age.  There are many benefits to replacing your older windows.  New windows can help restore your homes energy efficiency, which will help reduce monthly utility bills.  They can also help raise your property’s value.  If you’re thinking of doing a remodeling project, window replacement should be high on your list of priorities.  Replacing your windows with energy efficient models can also provide you with tax incentives. If you’re in need of Window Replacement services in Portland or the surrounding areas, please contact us for a free quote!

Reasons to Replace Windows:

  • Leaking Heat or Air Conditioning
  • Old and Outdated
  • Increase Property Value

Benefits to Replacing Windows:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Modern Styles
  • Save Money on Heating & Cooling
  • Improve Value of Property


Window Repair

Cracked and broken windows can cause many problems for home and business owners.  Broken glass can be dangerous for children and customers, and should be removed as quickly as possible.  Broken windows also lose their seal, resulting in a loss of insulation, which reduces your home’s energy efficiency.  If you have a broken window, we can provide our window repair services quickly and affordably.  We even offer emergency board up and window repair services for commercial and residential properties, often times the same day you call! If you need your windows repaired and are in the Portland area, contact us today!

Reasons To Repair Windows:

  • Glass is Cracked or Broken
  • Seal is Broken
  • Mineral Deposits Embedded in Glass

Benefits to Repairing Windows:

  • Safety
  • Save Money on Heating & Cooling
  • Improved Appearance


Window Restoration

Window restoration is the process of restoring your window’s seal and energy efficient properties. If the seal on your window is broken, your windows can become foggy, filled with moisture or start growing mold. Not only does this make it an unsightly mess, it no longer acts as a barrier from the harsh Oregon weather. Air from inside the house escapes, while outside air creeps into your home. This causes your furnace and air conditioning to work overtime, while increasing your monthly utility bills. Our Window Restoration service works to remove any moisture or mold between the window panes, while resealing the window and restoring the insulation. This will leave you with windows that are fog free and look as if they were just recently installed.  If your windows have lost their seal and could benefit from window restoration services, contact us today!

Reasons To Restore Windows:

  • Windows are Foggy
  • Moisture inside Windows
  • Seal is Broken

Benefits to Restoring Windows:

  • Improves Appearance
  • Saves Money on Heating & Cooling

Window Installation

Window installation projects vary greatly depending upon the age and style of the home/building. Other variables such as the type of window and the manufacturer of the product also factor in. We are experienced in a number of methods for taking out old windows and installing new ones. Our team of window installers is experienced in the best techniques for making these installations stand the test of time. We take pride in the quality of our work and ensure that the exterior integrity of the home is maintained throughout the window installation process. Even the best window products will perform poorly if improperly installed, causing them to fail over time. We are proud to provide window installation services in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas and would love an opportunity to earn your business.

With Clear Window Restorations, you’ll receive the highest level of customer service around.  We’ll listen to your needs and help you determine the best process for your windows.  Whether you need window restoration, window repair or window replacement services, we can help.  We are the top rated window service in Portland, Oregon and take pride in our customer’s satisfaction.  We’ll do everything in our power to exceed your expectations.  Contact us with any questions you might have or request a free quote online today!