Tualatin Window Repair, Restoration & ReplacementWindow Restoration, Replacement & Repair Tualatin, Oregon

Tualatin, Oregon is a great city and suburb of Portland. Being located in the Willamette Valley means that the Tualatin area gets a great deal of rainfall during the Fall and Winter months (and the Spring and Summer months as well) which means that cracks in windows can become big issues due to mold, mildew and other fungal infestations like dry rot. Double paned windows missing their seal can also increase the cost of heating or cooling your home or business. Also broken windows can be a huge headache and hazardous to your family or customers if you own a business. That’s why we offer 24hour emergency window repair services in Tualatin, Oregon. We offer this service as well as our others for residential and commercial buildings alike.

Tualatin Window Restoration

If you can no longer see through your windows due to condensation, or if you have noticed that heat in your home is escaping out of your windows far too easily, we at Clear Window Restorations offer a top notch Tualatin Window Restoration service that can fix both problems with one easy treatment. Our customers are always amazed at how swift and effective our skilled team of window technicians is when it comes to window restoration. We will diligently clean the inner layers of your windows until all of the “fog” is removed, and we will also build up and strengthen your window’s seal to provide long-term protection. Leaky windows could be a sign of a poor seal or it could be that the window frame is broken. If you find a leaking window in your home or business do not hesitate to contact us. Moisture in your home or office could lead to mold issues which are harmful and expensive to remove. Although we provide leaking window repair in Tualatin, we will often have to replace the window if its leaking due to the amount of damage required to make a window leak.

Tualatin Window Repair

Tualatin Window Repair

At Clear Window Restorations, we excel at performing the best home window repair Tualatin has to offer. Our friendly, diligent window experts will swiftly repair any of your windows that have cracked or chipped glass panes, broken seals or any other problems. A broken window can be a serious problem. For one, it gives rain, snow, bugs and animals open access to your home. It can also suck all of the heat out of your home. When we repair windows, we leave the original frames and hardware in place and replace the glass panes so you don’t have to worry about drastically altering the appearance of your windows. If you have a leaking window in the Tualatin area, we can provide window repair services. However, most often a leaking window is a sign of damage that cannot be repaired and the window will often times have to be replaced completely.

Tualatin Window Replacement

When window repair or restoration is not the answer, window replacement often is. One of our main talents is Tualatin residential window replacement. We know all there is to know about windows, and that includes knowing when to replace inefficient windows. We work with our customers to ensure that they understand why their windows must be replaced, as well as the benefits associated with replacing their windows. We will take out your old windows, install new, stylish and energy-efficient windows, and leave your household cleaner than when we arrived on the job. If you are having problems with any of your windows, contact us today to ask any questions you might have or to get a free quote.